Concept Design for Car Tower for Cars 24

Client :  Cars 24

Location :

Approx. Area :  18000 sq. ft.

Type :  Commercial Architecture & Interiors

Scope :  Interior Design, Structural Design & MEP Design

Project aims in creating a unique car -buying experience for the customers. 

The approach is to create an iconic design which has a lasting impression on the viewers. Hence, the cylindrical tower design with a magnificent display of cars & good visibility from a distance.

A memorable & seamless experience to the customers has been achieved by the meticulously planned flow & customer engagement areas in the Sales Office. Automated vehicle retrieval from tower to delivery bay makes a unique customer experience.

The design approach for the Car Display Tower:

  • Verticality of the car tower makes it a pivotal and iconic design
  • Tower location allows undisturbed car visibility from a distance
  • Plus shaped parking arrangement allows optimum car display for passing vehicles and pedestrians.
  •  façade lighting inform of circular bands accentuates the cylindrical tower and adding drama to the car display
  • The colour & material pallete connects the brand in a subtle manner
  • The large branding panel at the top increases the visibility from a distance

The design approach for the Sales Office:

  • While the Car Tower attracts footfall, Sales Office caters to engaging the attracted footfall
  • The office is planned around the car tower making it a pivotal element of the design
  • The design of the showroom follows a fluidic and aerodynamic forms depicting motion & speed
  • Customer movement through the showroom is planned such that he is kept engaged and excited throughout the process. Thus making it a memorable experience